LA050 Series Linear Motors

Whitin the LA series, LA040 and LA050 have the most force. It is idealy suited for applications where high amounts of force, high speed, and quick acceleration are required for operation, such as large scale production equipment and precision positioning equipment.

Standard Specifications:

Insulation capacity: AC1500V 1min
Operating range: 0~40 oC
Cooling method: Self-cool
Insulation resistance: CD500V 100MΩ or more
Operating range (in controlled environment): 20~80% (no condensation)
Maximum temperature: 120 oC


Item Unit LA050-KP04
Continuous Force N 502
Continuous Current Arms 7.6
Peak Force N 2510
Peak Current Arms 37.8
Weight of Coil Plate kg 3.7
Force constant N/Arms 66.4
Back EMF (line to line) Vrms/(m/s) 38.3
Coil Resistance (phase to phase) Ω 2.65
Inductance (line to line) mH 2.2

The values given for the peak force and peak current may different based on the peak current of the servo controller used. Given values are for the heatsink (aluminum) equiped coil phase. (heatsink size: 200x200x15mm)

Given values are after the electrical wiring tempreture has reached 100 oC



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Electric Motors